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Our most important indicator of our success is the satisfaction of our clients --read what they are saying about Fullerton Building Systems.

What Franchisees/Owners Say: 

  • Lakeside Travel Plaza, Worthington MN - "Fullerton Building Systems helped us create the nicest gas station and convenience store in our town."  

    The dramatic red-roofed Lakeside Travel Plaza gas station and convenience store in Worthington, Minnesota, is a perfect testament to the efficiencies and quality of the innovative “Fullerton process” of construction, according to Ron Prins, leader of the group of investors  behind the project.

    We were unfamiliar with Fullerton Building Systems, even though their major fabrication plant is right here in Worthington. so it was really a first-time experience for us,” said Prins, “but using Fullerton turned out to be of great benefit to the success of our project.”

    The “Fullerton process,” as Prins described it, was impressive, with “everything coordinated, much like assembling a puzzle.”

    Everything was performed according to a strict timeline—the delivery of the structure, and the right people in place at the right time, resulting in a very smooth, very fast assembly.” Actual  construction on site was completed in just five days, he said, emphasizing that the short time frame was a great advantage as fall weather conditions began to worsen.

    Calling it a very “put together” process, Prins said on the cost side everything was as budgeted, with the exception of a small change order that had been overlooked. “But everything else was complete and accurate. They gave us all of the documentation, all of the books and a flash card of the complete project. We were very impressed with their thoroughness on every aspect of our project.”

    The investor group is particularly pleased with the high level of finish on the building, Prins said. Its striking architectural design  was adapted from other locations, and he calls the result “the nicest gas station and C-store in Worthington.“

    All in all, Fullerton Building Systems did so much for us,” Prins said, “ and everything they did was done very well.” - Ron Prins

  • Big Sky King LLC -  “We were not familiar with Fullerton Building Systems when we began planning ground-up construction of two new units, but our contractor advised us to take a look, called it a ‘neat system’ and recommended that we consider it. Because we would be building in winter, we were facing huge costs to cover and heat the buildings during construction. Using Fullerton saved us from that, and allowed us to start and complete the building within a single month. Our contract called for completion of the building in six days—Fullerton did it in three.”

    “People were actually shocked at the speed at which the building went up. In fact, the Billings Gazette did a front page story on it. Using Fullerton gave us a huge marketing boost, too, because the system is such a great traffic generator.  There were also other advantages. Construction is more expensive in Montana, and it’s hard to find good framers unless you have a big project. Fullerton’s system  eliminated that labor problem for us. The quality is unbelievably high, and the followup team is fantastic. The seams and the stonework joints were so carefully finished that no one would ever know that it’s a panelized building.” - Matt Colebank

  • The Bailey Company"We choose Fullerton Building Systems to provide our exterior shells because they achieve cleaner, faster construction and we end up with a straighter building. We spec the factory-applied stucco because the end result is better than applying it on the job site. And that's just one of the innovative methods that helps produce a significant savings over a stick-built project. Our experience? We're very satisfied." 
  • Taco Johns:  “Fullerton Building Systems’ ‘Quick-Build’ construction system with factory-applied cultured stone and brick gave us a higher quality building at no additional cost, without the weather-related delays of building on site. It also added an amazing ‘wow’ factor to our project. The whole town talked about how quickly it went up, resulting in our opening day sales breaking a 40-year record! FBS’ speed and ease definitely contributed to the growth of our business.”  Bill Corrick, Owner/Operator
  • DUNN BROS. COFFEE:  "We chose Fullerton Building Systems for our new Dunn Bros. coffee shop for the quality of the product. The idea of having the bulk of construction work on our 2,700 square foot building done in an enclosed environment--protected from the elements as well as from insects and rodents--was very appealing, as was the freedom to choose the combination of stone finishes we wanted for the exterior. It also allowed us to do all of the necessary site work while the building itself was being constructed at Fullerton’s factory. That saved us nearly eight weeks of construction time, a huge financial benefit. The result is a much higher quality building that is really attractive. Our opening was fantastic, and our Fullerton building drew a lot of customer comments on its attractiveness.”  Matt Kamman, Owner / Franchisee, St. Michael, MN

What Developers Say:

  • Plaza Street Partners - “The ‘Fullerton solution’ offers real benefits: speed of delivery and the ability to minimize the inherent hurdles of ground up construction such as weather and labor shortages.” 

    Plaza Street Partners, a Prairie Village, KS-based developer of free-standing single tenant buildings for national users, was looking for a more efficient and controlled method of building than traditional “sticks and bricks” construction several years ago.

    We build all new ground ups for national brands like KFC, anywhere across the country,” said Chris Happ, vice president of business development. “But as we grew and began to serve clients in far off markets, it became critical for us to mitigate unpredictable weather and labor related impacts that were slowing us down.

    Plaza Street Partners discovered Fullerton Building Systems, through a referral he said. “We got to know Dave Walock, its president and CEO, in 2017, when we began exploring the possibility of moving to a panelized approach to building.  As we learned more about the company and its services—with production done in a controlled factory environment, by a quality labor force that is predictable-- we became convinced that Fullerton offered our best solution.”

    Simply put, it was the quality and speed that drove us to choose them,” Happ added.

    Over the last 16 months, Plaza Street Partners has built 27 new KFC’s for two of the brands largest franchisee groups primarily in Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri and New York.  Of those, Happ said 17 have been Fullerton buildings. He anticipates constructing at least 15 more by the end of 2019, all of them supplied by Fullerton.

    Happ describes the level of service they have received from Fullerton as “outstanding.”

    We tend to be a very demanding client. We ask our suppliers to jump as high as we do for our clients.  And Fullerton does that. They understand us, they know our expectations, and even more, they are just great at relationships.”

    Happ said the real benefits of working with Fullerton are the unique combination of speed to delivery and ability to better control some of the higher risk aspects of the construction, giving Plaza Street Partners more control of the entire development process.

    Although costs can be somewhat higher than traditional building methods, Happ said that most of that difference is neutralized by the reduction in risk, the higher product quality, and particularly the much-shortened construction time.

    “Using Fullerton Building Systems, we enable our clients to open their doors in some cases 30 to 40 days sooner,” said Happ, “and they love that.” - Chris Happ, Plaza Street Partners

  • Somerstone - Fullerton Building Systems is really the only good solution when you are pressed for time on a development. We are always under pressure from tenants who have signed leases and are waiting to locate in a property we are developing. We used the Fullerton systems for the first time on an 1,800 SF Starbucks in New Berlin, WI. The building was up and enclosed in just a week. The big advantage Fullerton’s system offered is that it shortened delivery time by 2 to 3 months. That means we could begin collecting tenant rents much sooner and the property was cash flowing much earlier—two to three months earlier--than we could have achieved by using traditional construction methods. The result is that our internal rate of return on that development was much higher. “

    “Despite the speed of construction, Fullerton’s system is comparable to traditional on-site construction in terms of cost, and the quality is excellent. We recommend it. In fact, we are now using it to construct a 12,000 SF multi-tenant building in Belleview, WI. That building will be up and ready for the roof in fifteen days!”  - Jimmy Rosen

  • Zabest Commercial Group "A number of years ago we were using a different panel and building component manufacturer. Inconsistent quality was an issue. While searching for more quality and consistency, I remembered the good experience we had with Fullerton Building Systems on a previous project. We've been working with Fullerton ever since and our relationship has grown stronger. Besides enjoying great communication with their design department, their lumber quality and precision panel and component manufacturing cannot be beat. We have a number of projects in the pipeline right now that we will be building with Fullerton Building Systems. We're very happy!"
  • Land and Lease Development, LLC -  uses Fullerton to build the exterior shell of small town retail centers which houses a McDonald’s and another tenant.  “Fullerton speeds up the process and its good, clean, neat construction. The building goes up in just 5-6 days.  Using Fullerton, I save a couple of weeks or more on my construction schedule.   I am definitely sold on the Fullerton System.  I can’t say enough good things about Fullerton.”  Brian Weidendorf
  • Westmor Industries, Inc. -  Fullerton Building Systems constructed EnerBase Travel Center, a 12,000 square foot convenience store and gas station in Minot, ND.   Westmor specializes in the construction of truck stops, travel centers and convenience stores nationwide.  “As construction manager on the project, we chose Fullerton because we needed to put the building up and get it into service fast. We had a lot of trouble finding skilled carpenters because of the amount of construction in the area. Using FBS’ panelized construction system solved that problem for us. Our experience with Fullerton Building Systems was a good one: they performed well in every way, and they delivered on every promise they made. In fact, we are currently in discussions with them on other projects.”  Kevin McCormick, Westmor Industries, Inc.

What Corporate Customers Say:

  • Spectrum Care/Somerset Court Retirement Communities - Fullerton Building Systems furnished the wall panels, floor and roof trusses for a 100,000 square foot, 70-unit, 3-story addition to our Somerset Court Retirement Community in Minot.  “We selected FBS for the project because we were coping with a boom economy in the region, one where every cost is inflated and skilled labor is in short supply, combined with abnormally harsh winter conditions that have dragged out construction times. Our experience with FBS has been really positive---they are highly skilled at what they do, and their crews are very easy to work with. Without question, I would consider having them bid any of our future developments.”  Bob Hale, Spectrum Care/Somerset Court Retirement Communities

  • Holiday StationStores -  Fullerton’s history of performance for Holiday goes back 15 years. FBS recently constructed 8 new facilities for Holiday—in Stanley, Williston, Watford City, Minot, and Bismarck, ND, and in Bloomington and Rochester, MN (2). The stores range in size from 6,000-9,000 square feet. 

    “We chose Fullerton Building Systems again because of our long and satisfactory history with them in panelized construction situations. Although there can be savings on some projects, in most cases, our choice to use them was not a financial decision. We primarily use FBS in situations where traditional stick construction would not make sense or would face significant delays---in places where the labor force is taxed, we find ourselves in a time crunch, or weather conditions would make stick building difficult and slow.”

    “In every case, we would rate Fullerton an ‘A”---their crews are very well-organized, they are very responsive in the field, and our superintendents have nothing but positive things to say about them. The buildings they build also hold up well, and if there is ever a problem---such as a hit by a runaway car (which happens more often than you think)—we simply call and they fix it promptly.”  John Baregi, Holiday Companies

What Architects Say:

  • Faust Howell Associates "As an architectural firm, we've known about Fullerton Building Systems for some time. Fullerton provides consistent quality through controlled manufacturing environments. As a result, it helps our clients realize larger profits through construction time saving efficiencies."  Harlan Faust, Faust Howell Associates
  • DUNN BROS. COFFEE:  NAI ARCHITECTS:  The decision to use Fullerton Building Systems for the new Dunn Brothers coffee shop in St. Michael, Minnesota, was driven by the desire of the franchisee to get it up and operating as quickly as possible. As the architects responsible for the building’s exterior, we were surprised at the range of  factory-applied brick and stone finishes available, and used a combination of both to give the building a really distinctive look. We were especially pleased that Fullerton got all the details right, including complying with the new Minnesota energy code, which had just been released. This was the first fully panelized and factory-finished building our firm has done. Frankly, we have never seen a new building go up so quickly. We would definitely recommend Fullerton Building Systems to our clients.”  Shawn Berry, Vice President - NAI Architects, Roseville, MN


What General Contractors Say:

  • Kramer Enterprises, Inc., - “We chose Fullerton for two reasons: the speed of construction and risk avoidance. Working with our customer, we did a cost analysis comparing it to traditional construction methods. In our business, we typically have to turn over a restaurant in 80 days, so speed is very important. Plus, going into winter, we concluded that we were much better off using Fullerton rather than assuming the risks of having to heat and cover the building against potential weather problems that we’d be exposed to if we went the typical stick-built route. Using Fullerton’s system gave us predictable, known costs, and—best of all—it took about 10 days out of our overall construction schedule.”

    “Fullerton Building Systems not only delivered a great project, with good quality construction, but it was also pretty impressive for passersby in the community and city officials to watch it go up. People went to work in the morning seeing our vacant site, then came home at night wondering how we could possibly put up what appeared to be a finished building so quickly.” - Terry Kramer 

  • Patriot Homes / OM Contracting LLC -  Fullerton provided a complete wall and exterior package for Bayside’s unique 5,600 square foot gas station in Mandan, ND, recognizable for its distinctive rooflines. Patriot Homes is a part owner and served as construction manager on the project.  “We selected Fullerton for this project because we had observed how quickly they had constructed a new Holiday Stationstore in Bismarck, and the beautifully finished building that resulted. Their work on our project was outstanding---very detail conscious, and really, really impressive quality. They got the details absolutely right, the panels were spot on for delivery, and installation took only 2 or 3 days. The entire building was up and enclosed in just 9 days.”  “Using Fullerton was far faster than traditional construction, which would have added months to getting the stone package complete and finishing the project. Their skill and speed took immense pressure off of us. “  Tory Otto, Patriot Homes / OM Contracting LLC
  • Central Pillar Group -  “Our first experience with Fullerton Building Systems was a new building we recently constructed to replace an aging KFC in
    Queensbury, Upstate New York. We chose Fullerton’s system for two reasons: first, speed of construction, and second, to avoid any delays that might be caused by weather. Our choice proved to be the right one. While the new building was being fabricated for delivery, we were able to scrape the old structure off the site and complete all of the site work. Fullerton has a great product, and we found their crews to be absolutely phenomenal. They had the building shell up and done and were packed up in four days, allowing us to finish and open it in just 52 days from the day we started. And their work was seamless, because Fullerton takes the time upfront to make sure all drawings are accurate, so there won’t be any hiccups. All in all, it was a great experience.”  Jay Shaw, Principal
  • Varley Construction - Joe Varley, owner of Varley Construction, has a long history of working with the franchise industry, more than 35 years in fact. For nearly 15 of those years, his Faribault, MN business has been recommending Fullerton Building Systems as the ultimate solution in delivering high quality buildings, in states and climates across the country—from North Dakota to Florida.

    Using Fullerton solves many problems generally associated with new construction, he says, and brings with it a range of advantages that can’t be duplicated with traditional site-built construction.

    “The assurance of consistency is major,” he says. “For example, in many locations we can’t find trades who are able to do all of the exterior finishes many of these buildings require. The Fullerton system also guarantees the measurements for window openings, so we can pre-order windows and install them on the third day of set-up, something that is not possible with stick-built construction where we have to wait until all window framing is done to get accurate measurements before ordering the glass. That is an especially significant advantage in Florida--where we recently completed a Taco Bell for Bravo Foods in Kissimmee-- and other states where orders for hurricane-resistant glass require long lead times, creating costly delays in the construction schedule.”

    Varley says that Fullerton’s products are of “unquestionable quality.”

    “No matter where we have a Fullerton building delivered, it is all the same---a very different situation from hiring local carpenters to do the framing and not knowing what the level of quality will be until the structure is completed.”Fullerton’s one year warranty on products and material is significant as well, he says, as well as its own careful onsite inspection of each building upon completion. 

    “With Fullerton Building Systems, I can assure my customers of consistent quality, on-time delivery, rapid build-out, shorter interest carry on their construction loan, and three extra weeks of profit.  How can you beat that?”  -Joe Varley, President, Varley Construction







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